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Online casinos have a way of encouraging more players to join their platforms for great online games. One effective strategy is by offering them bonuses in different forms, such as the free casino bonus and others. This article will discuss the different types of casino free offers and how a player can get these bonuses. 

These bonuses come in different forms and have different conditions attached to them. Some, like the deposit bonus, require that you make a deposit before you will be offered the free gift that is a percentage of your deposit.  

Some come in the form of free spins that allow you to play some games without wagering real money. You can play as many free games as the number of free spins you want 

Bonus Types 

As previously mentioned, there are different bonus types. The most common bonus types offered by most casinos around the world are:  

  1. Welcome Bonus: This is arguably the most popular casino bonus. It is offered to new players, in most cases, after they sign up to a gaming site. Sometimes, this may be a percentage of your initial deposit on the platform.
    The free gift may be as low as 50% of the initial deposit or as high as 200% of the deposit, depending on the casino’s decision. Best Welcome Bonuses for Canadian players in Captain Cook Casino Canada you already can try!
  2. Free spins: During a game, a gaming site may offer you some free spins that allow you to play some games for free and thus a chance to increase your number of games without increasing your waging amount. 
  3. No Deposit: In the No Deposit bonus offer, your entitlement to a bonus is not dependent on the amount you credit your account with, rather, the gaming site gives out bonuses based on its discretion. This is quite the opposite of the Welcome type where your gift is a factor of your deposit. The online casino Canada no deposit bonus is also available for new players.  
  4. Refer a Friend: In their quest to increase their user base, some gaming platforms encourage their players to bring in more people to their platform. They give such players an incentive to do so via their Refer a Friend bonus. You may get a reasonable point or a percentage of the friend’s initial deposit as your incentive. Note, thought, that not many casinos offer this incentive. 
  5. Tournament: Most gaming sites organize tournaments. They usually offer the tournament bonus to participants in these tournaments. Whether you are playing poker, slots, or blackjack, participate in any tournament associated with any of these games and have a shot at earning this bonus. 
  6. High roller: This bonus is strictly for players who play high stakes. They must also make large deposits before they can earn this offer that may run into thousands of Euros, dollars, or pounds. It is strictly for the whales and sharks in the industry.  

Distribution of Bonuses in Top Casinos 

The major attractive bonuses have been mentioned above. How do you find these bonuses and others in 2019 

The first step is to go through the casino in search of their incentives and promotions. You are likely to come across these free offers if you can do this. Thus, you will know what the casino offers, the terms attached to the bonuses, and other pieces of information that will assist you to earn a free gift. 

To ensure that you get nothing but the best offer from a gaming site, compare the bonuses from a couple of platforms. That simple comparison will enable you to settle down for the best online casino bonuses where you can play cool or wild games. 

How to Win Back and Withdraw Bonuses 

Winning a bonus is not rocket science. Each gaming platform has its specific requirements for qualifying for this gift. It is advisable that you understand the attached conditions before you make an effort to win it.  

If you can’t meet the requirement or are not comfortable with the attached conditions on a site, you can check some other ones whose conditions are not too strict. That way, you increase your chances of winning the incentive 

In the same vein, the withdrawal process will also be mentioned. Do your best to go through the process and intimate yourself with it. This may include the withdrawal options and the likes. If the withdrawal options are available in your country, you are good to go. Otherwise, keep on checking other casinos until you find the right withdrawal option you can use.  

The primary goal of every gambler is to win some games and cash prizes in the process. You will be better equipped to meet these goals if you understand some tricks that may boost your winning chances.  

A couple of such tricks are:  

  • Play small jackpots: If you wish to win a jackpot, don’t play high jackpots. The smaller the jackpot, the better your shot at winning it. On the other hand, big jackpots are more difficult to win.  
  • Determine your maximum wager in advance: Don’t make the mistake of going into a casino without determining how much you can afford to wager in advance. If you do, you may end up wagering more than what you can really afford. Remember that casinos are designed to favor the company, not the players. 
  • Use deposit codes: Sometimes, this is just what you need to earn some bonuses. With casino bonus codes, you already qualified for a bonus as predetermined by the gaming site. Playtech, Intertops, and other software developers  

These casinos and others give you access to cool and high-quality games that you can play at any hour of the day. Regardless of whether it is in the noon or later in the day after the day’s work, you can relax with free or paid games on your mobile devices. 

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